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Gary Player is the only golfer in history to win the British Open three times in three decades. He’s one of only five golfers ever to win the Grand Slam of Golf, and he did it at the tender age of 29.

He made world history again in 1974 when he shot the lowest score ever in professional golf... a 59 in the Brazilian Open.

Player has traveled farther than any other athlete to pursue his passion for the game of golf, some 12 million miles so far!

When you’ve accumulated as many miles, prizes, and accolades as Gary Player - 163 career wins, including nine major championships - the challenge becomes what to tackle next. So, in the early ‘80s he turned his talents to golf course design.

Now the Gary Player Design brand can be found on more than 200 championship-level courses all over the world.

Player himself is directly involved in the conceptualization, master planning, design, and promotional efforts of each course his design team creates. As he says, “There is no substitute for personal contact.”

That personal touch is evident in all his courses, including Guavaberry, where each hole features five tees to suit every level of player, making for a challenging yet fair playing environment.

Gary Player Design also specializes in incorporating the natural features of the landscape into each course layout; unique features like rock formations, indigenous vegetation, and waterways become integral parts of the golf experience.

When you play Guavaberry or any other Gary Player golf course, you’ll appreciate the personal touches that make each one distinct and memorable.

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